What I do

I have been working in the translation industry for almost 15 years, dealing with translation agencies and direct clients alike.

My keywords are availability, flexibility and quality. I am always available for my clients and I am extremely flexible in terms of deadlines. All this, of course, without compromises as far as quality is concerned.

Here is a list of all the topics and projects I normally deal with:

EN, FR > IT / certificates, reports
Translation of marriage/birth/death/university certificates into Italian and DTP of the final document. Moreover, upon request, certified translation in the court of Rovigo.

EN, FR > IT / technical field, manuals, MSDS
English and French into Italian translation of technical manuals in different fields such as: meter systems, automation systems, drain pumps, dryers, tabbers/stringers, water purification plants, software user manuals, UIs, FAQs, technical documents and MSDS of printing devices, milking devices, mobile heads, lighting controls, audio devices.

EN, FR > IT / surveys, questionnaires and interviews
Translation of questionnaires and surveys for different companies. The tasks involve translation and localization in the target market. Here are some examples:

FR > IT / tourism
Daily translation of news, events and promotions for the Ministry of Tourism of Monaco. The work is carried out on a web‐platform especially designed for this purpose by the Ministry of Tourism of Monaco.

EN > IT / household appliances
Italian Lead translator for Electrolux line of household appliances.

FR, EN > IT / e-commerce websites
Italian translation of e-commerce websites + extra documents. I have been working for websites such as venteprivee, amazon, pixmania, KLM, expedia, ceetiz and tripadvisor.